Startup Job Mela


Indian Startups Job Fair is an initiative from Indian Startups to help the Startup Companies / Founders to find employees or freelancers for their startup ventures / Big Ideas / Organizations.  

This is a match making event for the potential startup employers with the job seekers.

For Startups / Entrepreneurs / Founders 
You could try finding the employees on a long term or hire a freelancer on a short term. Just post your job in the comments section. Those who are interested in your job would either comment back or respond to you by Private messages. Please provide as many details as possible for the job description. 

The Job description should atleast contain the following details: 
Job Title: 
Startup / Organization Name(If any): 
Job Type : Onsite / Freelance / Online / Remote 
Location: Your Details: 
Website :

For Entrepreneurs / Job Seekers 
If you are looking to be part of great startup in the making, this is the opportunity to join those now-small-startups-but-future-giant organizations.

This is continuous online / commenting process. So keep posting your job requirements in the comments or if interested respond back to the job posting in the comments section. Please maintain the threads for each job posting. The comments will be moderated to maintain decorum.

Also there will be Job Mela D-Day Event on Sept 20, 2015 from 3 PM - 7 PM. At this event, match making between the startups / employers with potential jobs and the job seekers in the startups. 

 Employers need to get confirmation prior to the event. There will be limited number of employers that could be accommodated. 

 Employers get confirmed participation with an early bird donation/sponsorship.. 

 Sponsors can sms 77998 33229 or email [email protected] for more details


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