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Inviting Volunteers for Indian Startups Chapters 

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and startups, like to network and help startup community? Come join the Indian Startups Local Metro Chapters in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi. Usual expectation from the volunteers is to help out and commit for few hours a week or upon their convenience for any of the volunteering activities.

We are inviting applications for coordinators and team volunteers for in the below categories. 

Chapters : Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi

Coordinators & Volunteers for : 

A.  Outreach & extension activities with external organizations 

As part of the Outreach & extension activities, the coordinators and volunteers are expected to help out in reaching out to reputable private & non profit and govt. agencies or reach out to individuals recognized in the industry and explore partnership opportunities in organizing events, startup & innovation awards and other entrepreneurial activities that benefit the Indian startup community in India and across the globe. 

B.  Speaker Solicitation 

Speaker Solicitation volunteers help out in reaching out to potential speakers in the startup community in other domains that directly or indirectly involved in the Startup Ecosystem. The goal is to create pool of highly qualified speakers that are willing to join us in speaker sessions at various startup / entrepreneurial / investor / partnership events.

C.  Adviser & Mentor relations 

There is a huge need of Advisors and Mentors in the Startup community. There are a lot of cofounders who are looking for mentoring sessions. The Advisor & Mentor relations coordinator / volunteers help in creating an ecosystem where there are enough mentors / advisers that can help out the entrepreneurs.

D.  Fund raising & sponsorship for Indian Startups Activities

Fund raising & Sponsorship volunteer activities involves collaborating with organizations and companies in raising funds & sponsorships for organizing the events that directly benefit the startup community. Please note that main intention of the sponsorships and fund raising is intended for organizing events and meeting the minimum expenses towards entrepreneurial activities. We prefer not to charge entrepreneurs / startups who are already cash strapped to attend any of our events / activities and would rather rely on sponsorships.

E.  Media & Press Relations 

There are several events / activities that are being organized to help the startup community in various chapters and across the globe. The media & press relations volunteers help out in creating press notes and releases to the newspapers and electronic media. Journalists and volunteers who have knowledge in the media relations are ideally suited for these volunteering activities.

F. Blog/ Startup Articles/Magazine

We publish regular articles on the Blogs, LinkedIn, Entrepreneur, Qoara, magazines that are related to startups in India. Those who have some exposure in generating the content are great to take up the volunteering tasks in this category.

G.  Google Search & Research Help 

Often times, we need help in google search and carry on research while planning for organizing startup activities. Volunteers who can spend couple of hours and help us do the research would be of great help.

H. e-Colony (Entrepreneurship Colonies)

e-Colony is an initiative to reach out to those who are not able to participate in our regular startup activities or cannot afford to join us in cities. As part of e-Colony we wish to take that extra effort and go ourselves to their location and help them in their entrepreneurial aspirations. With this series we wish to reach out to professional, engineering, management, medical and other colleges and those remote towns and villages. This way we would like to cut the cost, travel & time but still be able to help the students & entrepreneurs. Volunteers in this category would help us achieve these goals. 

If you are interested in being a coordinator/team member in any of the above categories and still have questions, please mail us at [email protected] with contact phone, email and priory experience if any or call us at +91 88978 00499 / +91 97009 21323 (India) / +1 858 877 3306 (USA). 

If you are only in volunteering for specific events please choose the option accordingly.

For Volunteer Certification, you need to be volunteering at least for 1 year and for a minimum 100 hours and a certificate (Online) will be provided that can be used in profiles such as Linked In Volunteer Profile