An Innovative Startup Incubation and Support Program


Indian Startups Network


Indian Startup Network has been set up with the mission of making Entrepreneurship affordable. True to that mission, we have been offering free advice and guidance to hundreds of startups since inception.

It has been our constant endeavor not to charge any fee from the entrepreneurs and we have been on a constant quest to explore various other options to fund our activities.

IDEA FUND25 is an innovative model for promoting startups and removing the initial barriers to launch any promising business idea.


The IDEA FUND-25 program has the following stakeholders

The Commercial Model




Cost – Benefit Matrix for each Stake holder


Stake holder




2% of stake

3% of the funding received

Free incubation space

Free advice and mentoring

Guidance to BP, BM & Pitch

50,000/- cash for meeting business expenses

Connect to Angels and VCs

The VCs

Time invested in Interaction and advising the startups during incubation

Pre-qualified ventures

Well trained entrepreneurs

Tried and tested Business models

Functional teams

The Funding Angel

25 Lakhs

1% stake in all the 25 ventures

Well trained and groomed teams

100% ROI in cash if opts out

Huge social recognition

Infrastructure Provider

Incubator Infrastructure

Basic furniture

Wi-Fi – Broadband internet

Access to the library and other facilities


Huge recognition in the market

Huge brand value

Potential for expansions with multiple locations and increased profit margins

Indian Startups Network

Selection efforts

Mentoring efforts

1% stake in each of the 25 ventures

3% of the total funding

Ability to start many such incubators

Creating local Angel networks in each city

Mentor compensation

Meeting Opex without charging the entrepreneur

Join as Idea Fund Investor